Solar Power in Connecticut: What is Submetering?

Jan. 262023

An increasing number of homes and businesses are turning to solar power in Connecticut with submetering as a source of energy. Solar panels provide clean, renewable energy and can help reduce their electricity bills. However, there is one aspect of solar power that must be taken into account: submetering. 

Explaining the Process 

Submetering refers to the process of measuring the amount of energy received by each end user in a multi-occupant facility. Combining this with solar ensures that customers only pay for the energy they actually use, rather than an exchange of credits while still paying utility rates. This value added process is meaningful but complex, andt is important to understand how submetering works before investing in a solar power system in Connecticut.

Practical Day to Day Usage 

To begin with, all solar installations will have some form of submetering in order to accurately measure their energy production. Solar Systems can be connected to s site either through an aggregate net metering, or by installing a connection to each individual meter on site. Submetering allows the convenience and efficiency of a single point of interconnection with the granular savings of  connecting the generation each meter.

Added and Extra Benefits

In addition to measuring energy production, submeters* provide additional benefits such as improved safety and reliability of solar installations. By tracking each individual panel’s performance, it is possible to detect any potential faults early on, thus avoiding costly repairs. Solar submeters also allow for better control of the system as a whole, ensuring that all energy generated is being properly utilized.

Submetering can be a complicated process, but it is essential for solar power in Connecticut to be successful. By understanding how submetering works and investing in the necessary equipment, you can ensure that your solar installation runs efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, proper submetering will help to maximize the savings you can make from going solar. 

In conclusion, submetering is an important part of solar power in Connecticut. By measuring the energy production of each system, it is possible to ensure that customers are only paying for what they generate and taking full advantage of their investment. As such, it is essential for anyone considering adding solar panels to their home or business to understand how submetering works and invest in the necessary equipment. Doing so will not only help you save money on your electricity bill but also maximize the efficiency of your solar installation.

For more information on what submetering is and how you can benefit, be sure to ask one of our staff! Visit our website to learn more about our services and when to schedule an installation. 

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