US Green Technologies provides clean energy solutions to businesses, property owners and government organizations across the nation, dramatically reducing their dependence on fossil fuels.

The Peace-of-Mind Solar Performance Plan

We’re an environment-first company, and that’s why we’re disrupting this industry. Our goal is to spread renewable technology across the United States.

That’s why we offer our services for no money down and no out-of-pocket costs. We’ll also beat any of our competitors’ prices — all with the best products and service on the market. All in the name of the environment.

  • 95% Energy Guarantee - We Pay Cash Back for Annual Lost Energy!
  • 100% Covered Maintenance - For All System Components, Including Wiring and Inverters
  • 100% Peace-of-Mind
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Proactive Service Dispatch - We’ll Send a Technician if Your System Requires Maintenance 
  • Live Support and Diagnostics -From Our Seattle Operations Center
  • Included with Your New Solar System - Option to Renew Service (currently under $13*/mo.)

How Does The Program Benefit You?

Professional Monitoring Around The Clock!

Our proprietary 24/7 remote monitoring systems are responsible for protecting hundreds of thousands of customers of our Fortune 1000 clients and now – they are available to you. We’ll know if your system is underperforming, often before you do.
If your system requires maintenance, our team will notify you and dispatch a technician to resolve the issue!

Live Support | 100% Covered Maintenance

100% covered system maintenance for all system parts and components — including wiring and inverters.

Toll free unlimited access to our Seattle Operations Center providing live, real-time diagnostics of your system by solar experts.

Complimentary Quarterly Performance Reports, verifying the health of your system.

Energy, Guaranteed. Or We Pay You!

Every year – if your system generates less than 95% of forecasted energy, we pay you for annual energy loss even if you experienced a bout of bad weather! Homeowners are responsible for keeping panels clean and free of shading – but if you need to take action – we’ll let you know!