How We Work

How We Work

Feasibility Study

Our projects begin with a feasibility study. During the study, we’ll ask lots of questions about your business and your property.

We’ll come onsite and carefully survey your property, making notes about structural features and taking full inventory of your existing electrical equipment. Using a recent utility bill, we’ll also perform an analysis of your potential energy savings.

Energy Upgrade Eligibility

Based on results from our initial feasibility study, we will let you know if your property is a good candidate for an energy upgrade. Our criteria for evaluation include numerous factors, but the key is whether the return on investment will yield financial gains over the long term.

Fortunately, we are aware of the rebates and renewable energy credits being offered by the utility companies and by federal and state tax incentive programs. We’ll go through these with you. We’ll also demonstrate how you can use new available financing options to help make “going green” a win-win in every way.

No Out-Of-Pocket Costs & Positive Cash Flow

Each day, our clients are becoming more and more excited about adding renewable energy, PV Solar and/or LED lighting to their buildings. No money down and no out-of-pocket costs. In many cases, generating positive cash flow within one year. What’s not to like?

Solar Panels with a Sleek,
Low-Profile Design