How We Work

Our process is unique in that we guarantee environmental safety and help our customers take advantage of local, state, and national incentive programs. Here’s how it works.


Possibly the most important step of the process, the feasibility study is what enables us to guarantee environmental safety. US Green Technologies experts will sit down with you to get all the relevant information about your property and your business.

Once the information is gathered, we’ll come onsite and carefully survey your property, making notes about structural features and taking full inventory of your existing electrical equipment. Using a recent utility bill, we’ll also perform an analysis of your current electricity consumption.


Based on results from the feasibility study, we’ll let you know if your property is a good candidate for a renewable energy project. We take into account a wide variety of factors such as, energy consumption, the size and condition of existing roof-tops, the size and shape of the existing parking area, along with the makeup of the existing electrical room and electrical service equipment.

Taking the information into consideration we are able to design the project and determine the cost. Cutting-edge industry software will determine the size of the arrays and the amount of electricity these arrays will produce.

Renewable energy solar projects help reduce carbon emissions. This is a good thing for the environment. More good news is that going green makes financial sense to the property owner. US Green will provide the financials of each project in a clear and concise manner. We will incorporate the electricity savings, any incentives from the utility company, the Investment Tax Credit from the US Government along with the Accelerated Depreciation allowed for PV Solar installations.

We can project financials for the next 25-30 years. The top rated materials including solar modules, solar inverters and racking all come with warranties between 20 and 25 years.


As the process proceeds with your project, we operate along the best practices of the industry to ensure your experience will be excellent from start to finish. After the consultation on the project is completed, US Green Technologies will coordinate all utility and local authority interactions. Our team will be your team, as we bring in with project managers and installers to review the plans with you, then plan the logistics and perfect product for the job. We practice three points of excellence for this to succeed:

  • Excellent Materials: We procure top-tier renewable technology from reputable companies to ensure your experience is the best possible far into the future. Our material specifications and plans are planned with long-term performance in mind.
  • Excellent Installation: Our installations carry more than a warranty - they carry our name. From care for your property to detailed quality assurance checks throughout, we make sure that the system is installed properly and then monitor and service it to ensure nothing goes awry.
  • Excellent Communication: Whether in the initial consultation, or during the construction of your project, we focus on clear communication and understanding.


US Green Technologies is a trusted long term partner. From initial consultation to long term follow up, we are always considering options and changes to bring new opportunities to the discussion. Whether you have done multiple projects together or are just shaking hands for the first time, our goals are the growth of environmentally friendly projects with business savvy outcomes. We are invested in the success of your project no matter the motivation for it, and can be counted on to consider your goals when making recommendations and design decisions.

We offer a ten-year service agreement which can be extended for the life of the system on the projects we install.