Submetering, or the installation of privately owned and maintained utility meters, is one of a limited set of avenues which solar can be divided up across multiple users of power on a single building, campus, or behind a single utility meter at a work site. US Green Technologies guides clients towards this in circumstances when the project owner’s sole electric use is absent or minor, such as a common area meter or small office in a large building.

When submetering, US Green Technologies manages the complex process of state and regulatory filing, meter selection, and billing system establishment.

This provides many on-site users access to the single solar array, and provides the benefits of reduced energy costs, avoided inflation of future costs, while owners are able to offer the power to their offtakers at a reduced price while still benefiting from tax credits, state incentives, and their own savings.

When the concern is that the bill of a single office in a large building may be too small, consider contacting US Green about how a submetering strategy may benefit even more of the site and turn a token project into a meaningful contribution to the building’s function.