Solar Carports

Solar carports are excellent ways for homeowners, apartment complexes, retail centers, schools, healthcare facilities and government organizations to save money and boost energy production. That’s why we’ve partnered with Solar Mounts, one of the country’s leading independent solar energy construction firms.

Together with Solar Mounts, we’re offering our clients -Ballasted Ground Mounts, Ballasted Roof Mount, Post Driven Ground Mount, Solar Carport - Y Frame, Solar Carport - T Frame,  60+ MW of Ballasted Solar Ground Mounts . They are our partners for the erection of the structure for the solar carports.

Our clients covered parking for their fleets, employees, and tenants which can be outfitted with future-proof EV Charging equipment. This is coupled with the US Green Technologies approach to maximizing incentives on renewable energy and infrastructure, making the installation of these to the net financial benefit of the site, rather than a simple capital expense. This allows sites to offer premium amenities without paying a premium, while also finding a second use for their parking areas.

Parking lots normally are contributors to a phenomenon known as the urban heat island effect, in which artificial surfaces retain the sun’s energy in a way that trees and vegetation do not. In fact, parking lots currently cover space nationally exceeding 6,000 square miles. By generating clean electricity above these areas, we can contribute to decarbonization of the electric grid and put these spaces into a dual use that mitigates their environmental impact as well.