Roof Mounted Solar

Roof-mounted solar panels are an effective way to utilize the unoccupied space on the roof, turning it into a support structure to serve as a foundation for your solar array. Roof mounted solar is uses mechanical, fixed fasteners to attach panels to pitched roofs, or ballasted trays which hold the panels with a tilt towards the sun on otherwise flat roofs.

While certain roofs require the system to be bolted to the roof, in many cases a flat roof solar array can be installed without any new penetrations being created, ensuring that the system does not create risks of any leaks.

By securing the racking structure to your roof, sites can avoid the costs of building load-bearing foundation, pillars, or posts to support array. This saves both cost up front, and allows for an unutilized section of the building to become a savings and revenue center for the owners.

Please note that this may not be true for older properties, which may have been built to less strict standards, and may require structural improvements as a part of the process. To be certain under either situation, US Green Technologies performs a structural analysis of the rooftop to ensure it can support the weight of the panels with no issues.