Energy Storage

There are opportunities for commercial properties to benefit from battery storage projects. Batteries can be charged by solar or in off-peak hours at lower energy rates and discharged during high-peak hours representing potential savings through arbitrage. US Green Technologies aids groups in making a determination of the availability of this method as a means of savings, and the successful implementation of it.

Furthermore, storage devices such as batteries which are tied to a solar array can create a micro-grid that can supply energy when the grid goes down. This brings resiliency to host sites in addition to their financial benefits, resulting in less disruptions to manufacturing operations and computational downtime for commercial sites, and residences not being concerned about spoiled food or losing access to well water.


As renewable power becomes a greater part of a green grid, US Green Technologies sees the importance of batteries shifting to the center of attention as a means of shifting strong periods of energy generation during peak production on sunny days to evenings, nights, and inclement weather days when energy generation drops.

This helps support the grid by serving both as, most noticeably, a means of providing clean power over night, and also as a place to absorb or ‘soak up’ excess power that would be wasted unused during the day.