Commercial Solar

Commercial solar, or C&I Solar, as it is more commonly known, includes a wide variety of customers and project types. Ranging from businesses of different sizes and regions - large corporations to local small businesses and everything in between - to also include governments, schools and universities, and non-profit institutions.

Commercial solar projects may be carports, rooftop arrays, or field-spanning ground mounts. They are often sized up to a facility’s energy footprint or available space, ranging in size from just tens of kilowatts up to multiple megawatts.

C&I solar leverages both the energy savings as well as corporate-level strategies to optimize savings and earnings for the host site and offtaker. It is a sector which has some of the greatest opportunities for impacting savings and revenue when successfully implemented, as both avoided taxes, energy costs, and the opportunities for deriving revenue, all produce a business-friendly package which supports enterprise-level sustainability goals.

However, C&I solar is also the most difficult of solar to implement well. A common situation which arises is split incentives and complex financing, which can slow or inhibit the process of installing solar. Further, as property owners and operating businesses are often different, striking a balance of benefit is important as well. To that end, US Green Technologies supports both by providing assistance to owners with their financing, while outlining the opportunities available to both the businesses and owners of a site so all can derive benefit.